How to Food Prep for Healthier and More Complete Meals

How to Food Prep for Healthier and More Complete Meals

Ikon Damascus knife set

How to Food Prep for Healthier and More Complete Meals
Are you sick of cooking all the time? Are you struggling with portion control? Are you looking for more healthy ways to eat?
Food prep could be your answer!
Food prep is a handy approach for eating delicious homemade food by planning ahead. To help you learn how to food prep, this is everything you need to know.
How to Get Started With Food Prep
The simplest way to begin meal prep is to double or triple your ingredients when cooking a meal. Eat the typical portion you would eat and then divide the rest into containers you can eat in the future.
The more you cook, the more leftovers you’ll have for the rest of the week.
Different Ways to Food Prep
There are a bunch of different types of meal prepping that you can do depending on your preferences.
This includes make-ahead meals, batch cooking, individually portioned meals, and ready-to-cook ingredients. Make-ahead meals are full meals cooked in advance, which can be cooled or reheated for future meals. This can include different recipes.
Batch cooking is making one large recipe and splitting it into smaller batches of meals. This is one of the easier food prepping strategies.
Individually-portioned meals are commonly used by people tracking their macros. It involves prepping fresh, individual meals that are portioned out for future meals.
Ready-to-go food prep involves getting ingredients ready for a recipe to save time on future cooking.

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What You’ll Need
No matter which type of food prep you do, you’ll need various kinds of storage containers. You’ll want airtight containers for ready-to-cook ingredients like vegetables and fruit to maximize freshness.
You’ll also want BPA-free microwavable containers that you can use to reheat meals quickly. Freeze-safe containers are also helpful to freeze meals that you may want to eat for weeks to come.
It’s also nice to have the right knives to cut up and cook your ingredients. A good set of kitchen knives like the Damascus kitchen knife set can help cut ingredients fast and efficiently.
Avoid Common Mistakes
There are several common mistakes to avoid when you’re figuring out how to meal prep. This includes keeping the meal prep simple to keep it from becoming overwhelming and discouraging.
If you’re meal prepping to eat more nutritional meals, make sure to keep your meals balanced and aligned with these goals. You should also cook meals that you’ll want to eat. Don’t make recipes that you’ll get tired of or not want to eat again in the future.
Now You Know How to Begin Meal Prepping
These are all the basics you need to know when it comes to food prep. Though it may seem overwhelming at first, you’ll get the hang of it after practice.
Food prep is the best way to avoid unhealthy meals when you’re in a rush. It helps you eat nutritionally no matter how busy your week gets.

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying Kitchen Knife Sets

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying Kitchen Knife Sets

Ikon Damascus knife set

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying Kitchen Knife Sets


Did you know that the average American spends around 60 minutes in the kitchen each day? If you love cooking but wish you could be faster and more productive, getting new knives might do the trick. It may not seem like much, but working with low-quality knives can sabotage your efforts. So how can you tell which knife set options are worth it? Keep reading to learn about five things you should consider before buying kitchen knife sets.

1. Your Knife Set Budget

Many shoppers are amazed by the wide price range of kitchen knife sets. While price doesn’t always affect quality, expensive knives tend to be more durable. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to buy a professional knife set if you only spend a few hours in the kitchen each week.

It’s helpful to set a budget that you’d feel comfortable paying and then work from there.

2. The Types of Knives You Need

Since we all enjoy preparing different things in the kitchen, you’ll have to ask yourself what your knives will have to accomplish. A chef’s knife is a great multipurpose tool, while paring knives can help you chop produce, and a serrated knife can slice through bread and cakes. Even the most essential knife sets include everything a casual cook needs, but it’s worth familiarizing yourself with these tools.

3. The Kitchen Knife Provider

The best kitchen knife set will come from a brand that people trust and love. This is why it’s helpful to research popular knife providers and see what people say about their products. After reading some reviews, you can feel more confident when narrowing down your options and making your final purchase.

4. The Handles

One of the most important kitchen knife features is the handles. An ergonomic design will help keep you safer while you work, but it can also improve your speed and accuracy. Most people agree that wood is the best material for a handle, but you can also experiment with plastic and composite.

5. Blade Sharpness

Before buying your knife set, the least important factor you should consider is how sharp the blades are. As long as you chop with proper form, sharper blades are safer because you won’t have to slice as hard and increase your risk of slipping. Sharp blades are also low-maintenance because you won’t need to sharpen them yourself often.

Buying Kitchen Knife Sets Doesn’t Have to Be a Challenge

Buying kitchen knife sets can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you aren’t a professional chef. With this guide, you’ll be able to take your time weighing your choices and find the perfect setting for your skills.

Do you want to know other ways to level up your cooking abilities? Our site has plenty of amazing recipes, tips, and health guides. Please bookmark our site and check back often, so you always stay updated.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Kitchen Knife for You

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Kitchen Knife for You

Ikon Damascus knife set

Over 80% of Americans find cooking abilities to be an attractive feature in their partner. If you want to be a successful chef, you need the right kitchen knife.

A quality kitchen knife set can be the difference between a great meal, and a total culinary disaster. If you are an aspiring chef but don’t know what would be the best kitchen knife set for you, check out his handy guide.

These 5 tips on how to choose the best kitchen knife set for you will help you narrow down your selection process. That way you can become a whiz in the kitchen and make plenty of new friends.

1. Match a Kitchen Knife to Your Ability Level

The last thing you want to do as a rookie cook is buy a fancy and expensive kitchen knife set. You need to sharpen and maintain high-quality kitchen knives on a regular basis to keep them from degrading.

Also, a more basic utility knife kitchen set may suit your purposes better than a specialized one. You can still buy some more basic knife sets from the best kitchen knife brands.

2. Know What Meals You Like to Cook

Some knife sets are geared for specific styles of cooking. For instance, if you know that you chop a lot of vegetables in your cooking you will want a different knife set than one designed for cutting meat.

Think about your culinary habits and the repertoire of a few of your favorite meals before deciding on what type of knife set to buy.

3. Set a Budget

High-end professional-grade kitchen knife sets can cost thousands of dollars. Make sure to have an idea of your budget before starting your research. If you are a new chef, you may want to settle for cheaper knives.

If you plan on making it a career it may be worth it to spend the extra money. If you use them every day at work they will pay for themselves.

4. Research Some Top Brands

Some brands such as Faneema or Damascus kitchen knife sets have a reputation for excellence. It is a good idea to research some of these before purchasing to know what sorts of deals to look for.

5. Find a Reputable Dealer

There are plenty of knock-off forgeries of top-line kitchen knives out there. Don’t be a victim and waste your money. Make sure to always buy your knives from a reputable dealer to avoid any hassles.

That way you can get the best chef knife or the best chef knife set without the stress of potentially getting ripped off.
Cut Through the Mediocre

If you are planning on becoming a competent cook, you need a solid kitchen knife. Your knife is the backbone of your cooking operation so treat it with the respect and deliberation it merits.

Use the five tips in this guide to select the best kitchen knife set for your cooking needs. That way you can make delicious meals for all the important people in your life. If you liked this article, check back with our blog for others.

A Family Tradition of Damascus Cutlery

A Family Tradition of Damascus Cutlery

“The knives are all designed by us,” she said. “They are all unique. Damascus, by its very nature, is unique. They’re like fingerprints; you cannot duplicate them.”

Faneema Cutlery knives are made of high-carbon Damascus steel that’s relatively easy to sharpen to an extremely sharp edge. They have full-tang construction for balance and durability. Handles for the culinary line are either resin or pakkawood, both common in high-end knives adopted by working chefs. Although they have the quality and beauty that make them stand out, they’re offered at an affordable price point that makes them achievable for home cooks as well as professional chefs.

Because they’re high-carbon steel, they require greater care than a stainless steel knife, and they should never go into a dishwasher. “We feel that it has to go, not into a mass retailer – it’s more specialty store,” Janice said. “The men who buy them love to take care of knives. They like them for outdoor cooking. We have some chefs who buy them.”

Faneema offers its culinary knives in sets, most of them anchored by an 8-inch chef knife. “We do have some sets with an 8-inch and a 6-inch,” Janice said. “We do make some 10-inch, but we’ve found that the bigger knives aren’t as popular.”

Damascus Cutlery


The company has just brought out a new set that also includes a filet-style knife. “Damascus doesn’t have any give to it, but it has the slender knife that goes to a very sharp point,” Janice said. “All of our knives have a paring/utility knife with a 4.5-inch blade, and we’re going to try to get in a 3.5-inch paring.” Some sets also include a cleaver.

The newest set, FC3124, includes the cleaver, an 8-inch chef knife, 6-inch filet knife, 6-inch chef knife, and a 4-inch paring knife, all with pakkawood handles. The five-knife set will retail for $325.

Faneema also has the ability to do custom orders or create custom sets for retailers and can create custom pieces for individual customers. “We can imprint. We can etch their name on it; we can do all of that,” Janice said. “It takes around three months to create a custom piece.”

For more information, call Janice Abbas at 469.388.7343, email or visit

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American Outdoors Names Knife of the year 2020 made by Faneema Cutlery

American Outdoors Names Knife of the year 2020 made by Faneema Cutlery

After seeing hundreds of blades and knives at Shot Show this year, by unanimous vote, the Knife of the Year goes to Faneema Cutlery out of Chicago.

 Faneema Cutlery has the most unique Damascus patterns and their knives show great artisanship,” says Executive Producer Bill Rogers from American Outdoors. ” Their knives will be a welcomed addition to any collection and their Chef’s Knives and Kitchens sets are made for some real work,” adds Rogers.

The Knife of the Year goes to the beautiful handcrafted Faneema Damascus 10″ Bowie Knife with an antler handle (see images). , Damascus has a character all of its own that only a true craftsman could bring out. The antler handle has been carefully sourced and worked to make this a true piece of art. Faneema Cutlery takes orders of all sizes and prides themselves on their customer service. The award was based on the quality, craftsmanship, and beauty of their knives.

 We are honored to receive Knife of the Year and thank American Outdoors for this recognition,” says Janice and Ghulam Abbas in response to the award. ” We are a family business and have worked years developing our Damascus skills in particular. Receiving this honor represents a milestone for our company and inspires us to continue developing, designing, and offering unique knives for everyone, whether a collector or someone who just needs a sharp, durable knife for work.”

 We congratulate the team at Faneema Cutlery for developing a beautiful and durable line-up of knives,” states Rogers. ” These are heirloom-quality knives that will be handed down from generation to generation.

You can learn more about Faneema Cutlery on their website at

Contact: Janice Abbas Faneema Cutlery (469) 388-7343 –

Interview with Faneema Cutlery on American Outdoors:

Faneema Cutlery on American Outdoors

About American Outdoors With a rich pedigree of outdoor adventures dating back a half-century, American Outdoors is celebrating our 50th anniversary as a family-produced television show and the oldest outdoor adventure television show in America. American Outdoors reaches approximately 48 million viewers, in 22 million TV broadcast households in the United States and Puerto Rico. Our goal has always been to give our viewers a personalized and immersive outdoor experience.


Bowie Knife
Bowie Knife5
Bowie Knife 2
Faneema Cutlery – Discover Damascus

Faneema Cutlery – Discover Damascus

knife through meat scaled
8513 knife sheath on fur2 scaled
Steak knife set
Steak knife set

We’re Faneema Cutlery LLC, and we’ve been selling high-quality and unique Damascus culinary, hunting, fixed blade, and axes online since 2016. Previously located in Texas, we’re currently headquartered in Westchester, IL, since 2019. Faneema Cutlery is dedicated to providing the highest quality Damascus chef knives to inspire creativity and joy in the kitchen every day.

Not all Damascus knives are created equal. Our goal from the beginning was to create hand-forged unique Damascus designs with quality steel. To craft beautiful handles, we source natural renewable materials from a variety of countries. Faneema Cutlery is a family business. The excitement of creating a knife with superior style, a distinctive Damascus blade, and an incredible handle continues to inspire and motivate all of us. To see the raw materials come together into a work of art keeps us all motivated to create more unique styles. Our family had a knife business many years ago, but now our sons are grown with families of their own, and they wanted to try again. After going to knife shows around the country, we focused on creating unique and beautiful Damascus culinary knives.

We’re a small company with big dreams. Affordable Damascus is nowhere to be found in the retail market. Our goal is to sell our products in stores at an affordable price. Everyone should be able to purchase Damascus to enjoy its beauty, strength, and long-lasting edge.


Faneema cutlery shows the latest product in the leading international trade show like Blade Show, Shot Show, and Inspired Home show.

Faneema Cutlery is a member of the International Housewares Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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