IKON | Damascus Knife Set | Beautiful | 5 Pcs

  • Razor Sharp:   Never worry about dull chopping again with premium razor-sharp blades that make cutting a dream.
  • Durable Design:  Damascus knife set has more than 200+ layers of high carbon steel to create a knife set, guaranteeing lasting sharpness and durability.
  • Extremely Comfortable:   Beautiful, ergonomic olive wood and blue epoxy resin handles complement the blades and reduce wrist stress while chopping.
  • Makes the Perfect Gift:   Give this one-of-a-kind hand-crafted Damascus Kitchen Knife Set to a close friend, family member, or coworker, and they will be in awe of your impeccable taste.
  • Last Knife You’ll Ever Need:   From a cleaver to a carving knife to chef’s knives and more, every knife you’ll ever need comes with this set.
  • Leather Roll: A premium quality leather roll is included
  • 120 days money-back guarantee: you can return the product for a full refund.


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Upgrade your cooking game with a premium hand-forged Damascus Knife Set for your kitchen.

Have you noticed that your store-bought knives suddenly go dull? The best Damascus Knife Set will eliminate that problem for you.

Hand-forged from high carbon steel, our knives are exceptionally sharp, retain their edge, and are corrosion resistant. Preparing your food will take less time to create even better meals!

Ikon 5-pcs Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set comes with a 6.5" cleaver, 9" carving knife, 4.5" paring knife, 6" chef knife, and 8" chef knife.

200+ layers of Damascus high carbon steel are folded during the forging process to form the stunning one-of-a-kind pattern on these knives. The handles are beautifully hand-crafted from blue epoxy resin and olive wood and designed to resist heat, moisture, and impacts. They'll stand out in your kitchen and wow your guests at your next dinner party.

Our traditional craftsmanship makes our hand-forged Damascus Kitchen Knife Set so durable and exceptional. Using traditional methods and tools, our master craftsmen manually forge the Damascus knife set.

In addition, we meticulously inspect each of our knives to ensure they meet our uncompromising standards. Get the highest quality and best value for your money with Faneema Cutlery — 100% guaranteed.

  • Cleaver: This blade is excellent for cutting hard vegetable roots and can also be used for mincing, pounding, slicing, and dicing, a variety of other foods -  Blade length: 6.5"  |  Handle length: 5"
  • Chef knife: This is a multi-purpose knife that you can use for various culinary tasks  -  Blade length: 8"   |  Handle length: 5"
  • Carving knife: The blade of this knife is extremely sharp and narrow, which makes cutting thin meat slices and hard vegetables a breeze  -  Blade length: 9"  |  Handle length: 5"
  • Chef knife: As one of our most popular knives, there are several uses for this multi-purpose blade in the kitchen  -  Blade length: 6"  |  Handle length: 5"
  • Paring knife: This multi-purpose knife with a straight edge is ideal for any cuisine that requires precision. Carve objects into various shapes with this smaller blade  -  Blade length: 4.5"  |  Handle length: 4.5"
  • Handles: made from blue epoxy resin and olive wood
  • Blade material: hand-forged Damascus steel
  • Leather Roll: A premium quality leather roll is included to carry for traveling, parties and outdoor activities.
  • Damascus layers: 200+
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