American Outdoor names knife of the year after seeing hundreds of blades and knives at Shot Show this year, by unanimous vote, the Knife of the Year goes to Faneema Cutlery out of Chicago. …

Damascus Kitchen Knife Set

The best kitchen knife set is to prepare delicious meals often entails getting the meat and veggies pared down to bite-size morsels. Every household in the world has kitchen knives, including chef’s knives, steak knives, and butter knives. …

Damascus Ulu Knife

Alaskan Ulu knife is a simple small fixed-blade knife configured for excellent control and precision cuts. It can handle most of the tasks like cutting vegetables, meat, and skinning. It has a large enough choil to become a complete finger groove. …

Damascus Chef Knife

Chef knife is the workhorse in any kitchen and can perform all tasks. The length of the blade is to improve work efficiency. The most important is steel used for the blade. The best material in the market is Damascus steel which created razor-sharp and durable edge.  …

Damascus Cleaver

Are you looking for a knife for the best cutting experience? Don’t look further; Damascus cleaver is very sharp, durable, and beautiful. It will be your dream. Cleavers are used for several purposes, from cutting vegetables and meat to slicing potatoes.   …

TRADE SHOWS 2021-2022

shot show


Faneema Cutlery Booth #42729
Jan 18-21, 2022

Faneema Cutlery @ Shot Show

Blade Show


Faneema Cutlery Booth #1045
June 4 – 6, 2022

Faneema Cutlery @ Blade Show