Faneema Cutlery sells an assortment of high-quality kitchen knives and outdoor knives for camping, backyard BBQ, hunting, and any other outdoor adventure. Our signature offering is the hand-forged, exquisitely patterned Damascus knife.

Established in 2016 and currently headquartered in Carson City, NV, we are a family business that goes back generations in my native Pakistan. My grandfather and father made knives and then taught me how to design and make knives. After years of apprenticing, our two sons have mastered forging exquisite Damascus blades and now oversee the company’s skilled forgers

The excitement of creating a knife with high quality, unique design, and superior style is what inspires and motivates us at Faneema Cutlery.

We promise our customers:

  • Traditional hand-forged Damascus knives made with high-quality steel at affordable prices.
  • Variety of handles made of natural renewable materials which are sourced worldwide. A spectrum of colorful resin is also available.
  • Innovative designs for the kitchen, outdoors, and pocket; you might find a unique knife for your collection.

Our Mission

Bringing truly sustainable and superior quality Damascus knives will never let you down and will always be there for you when you need them most.

Our Vision

The company's mission is to provide innovative design for every individual who wants to experience excellent kitchenware, outdoor hunting, and pocket knives. Whether you're a chef, or hunter, or love cooking at home, we've got you covered with the latest trend in high-quality knives from all over the world at exceptional value.


    • Damascus High Carbon Steel
    • Damascus Stainless Steel
    • 40C Stainless Kitchen
    • Tool Steel D2


    • Wenge from Africa
    • Spale from Africa
    • American Walnut
    • Stag and Antler