The Incredibly Versatile Traditional Alaskan Ulu Knife 

The Incredibly Versatile Traditional Alaskan Ulu Knife 

Traditionally used by Arctic tribal women for cutting and skinning fish and game, the Ulu knife is among the best kitchen knives in the world. This fixed-blade knife has a comfortable ergonomic design for excellent precision and cutting control.

  • Crescent-shaped cutting edge
  • Handle directly over the blade
  • Large enough choil to become a complete finger groove

Faneema Ulu Knives

Our premium quality handcrafted Ulu knives are made from the highest quality materials. The Damascus steel provides a stylish finish with a super sharp edge. The beautifully crafted wood handle provides unbeatable comfort and grip for rocking motion cutting.

Ulu Knife Specification

Blade Material: Quality Damascus steel knife blade

Handle Material: Padauk wood or walnut wood

Sheath: Heavy-duty hand-stitched leather

Get the Best Ulu Knife for Your Kitchen

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