Collection: POCKET KNIFE

A pocket knife is a useable tool for many daily tasks at home, traveling, and outdoor adventures. Faneema Cutlery pocket knives are super easy to sharpen, affordable, and most of all, practical. It will last for many years. A pocket is like a friend who has shared many experiences with you.

This pocket knife has a razor-sharp edge and point. I wouldn't treat it like a toy. Take precautions when using it, and don't let children use it or handle it unsupervised.

The pocket knife is great for everyday carry and light to moderate cutting tasks. It has a blade that locks when it's fully opened. It's a safety feature to keep the blade from closing on you. Make sure you always cut from the sharp edge. Open and close the knife with two hands. One-handed operation isn't recommended..

All knives come with a genuine heavy-duty leather sheath and 120 days moneyback guarantee.